Why Priceline Is The Best Health And Beauty Retailer

Why Priceline Is the Best Health and Beauty Retailer


George Lockwood

In every state and territory in Australia Priceline has a beauty and health retailer. There are two different Priceline brands, the Priceline pharmacy and the traditional Priceline, and across Australia there are well over three and fifty stores. Since this chain of stores was purchased in 2004, they are currently owned and run by the Australian pharmaceutical industries. In 1982 Priceline was established of which the very first store was opened in Victoria at Highpoint, which started off as a beauty retailer. When API bought over Priceline which operated Price Attack, Priceline Pharmacy, retail Priceline brands and House. In 2007 the Price Attack and House were diverted by API which allowed them to focus their retail brand strategy on Priceline. A new visual identity, merchandise, brand refresh and store format was launched in 2008.

Priceline is now a beauty and health retailer of healthcare products, cosmetics, hair care and skincare. Through the Priceline pharmacy brand, the stores are now involved in pharmaceutical retailing with over three hundred stores across Australia. In 2010 BRW an Australian business publication ranked Priceline the sixteenth fastest growing franchise across Australia by revenue. An annual revenue growth of 63.4 percent was recorded over three years. Once of the largest beauty and fashion events, has now been sponsored by



since 2007 in Australia. There are now around three million Priceline club card members which makes this chain the largest loyalty program across Australia.

Club card members when making a purchase earn points and are then rewarded with prizes and discount vouchers. In 2009 forty percent of the retail sales were made by club card members, of which accounted for a thirty percent of members. Now there are also Priceline hotel deals available where members can pick up hot deals. One can book a hotel room for around $50 as opposed to $200, giving you more value for your money. As opposed to just naming your price, Priceline operates a travel booking website that includes car rental, cruise, and air and hotel accommodation and is a great option for travelers that are budget minded. When placing bids for a hotel room, choose your required dates of departure and return and choose your destination.

Once you have submitted, you will receive a map of your destination as well as the various Priceline zones. The more people bidding the lower the price so, before placing a bid check out the other Priceline customer bids, which will give you a better idea of the deal you can pick up and what hotels are currently offered on the site. By placing a free re-bid, you will pick up a great deal at the price you are looking for.

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