Month: June 2022

Chemical plant fire decimates Danvers, Massachusetts neighboorhood

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 According to outgoing Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, an explosion that was “equivalent to a 2,000 lb. bomb” and registered 0.5 on the Richter scale decimated an area of Danvers and is also a “Thanksgiving miracle.” The explosion occurred around 2:45 am EST, this morning in the Danversport area of Danvers, Massachusetts […]

Cat in Rhode Island, USA nursing home ‘senses death’

Thursday, July 26, 2007 At a nursing home in Providence, Rhode Island a cat is reported to be able to sense when elderly individuals are about to die. The cat, known as ‘Oscar‘ is reported to have sensed the deaths of at least 25 elderly people. According to nursing home employees, Oscar has been living […]

Interview with Innocent Watat, City Council candidate for Wards 3 & 4 in Brampton, Canada

Saturday, October 21, 2006 The upcoming 2006 Brampton municipal election, to be held November 13, features an array of candidates looking to represent their wards in city council or the council of the Peel Region. Wikinews contributor Nick Moreau contacted many of the candidates, including Innocent Watat, asking them to answer common questions sent in […]

How To Profit From Competitive Price Intelligence

Read An Opinion On: New Age Caravans Warrnambool byAlma Abell It is important to understand that retail competition isn’t just about getting the prices of your competitors and then reacting. Competitive price intelligence is about gathering information, spotting trends and developing strategies and insight. This will ultimately help you set the best pricing and help […]

Oral Roberts University reportedly owes over $50 million

Thursday, October 25, 2007 In the midst of accusations of wrongdoing, the Oral Roberts University (ORU) Board of Regents Chairman George Pearsons said the school owes over $55 million in debt. According to IRS records, ORU had about $76 million in revenue in 2005, and its operating budget for 2007-2008 was over $82 million. One […]

Home Cleaning Services}

Read An Opinion On: Painters Newcastle Home Cleaning Services by anthonyac greeSince it usually takes 2 incomes to survive in the modern world, stay at home moms are becoming extinct. It seems that now is not the time to clean the black economy, more and more women in the workforce. Nevertheless, families expect their home […]

Lobby groups oppose plans for EU copyright extension

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 The European Commission currently has proposals on the table to extend performers’ copyright terms. Described by Professor Martin Kretschmer as the “Beatles Extension Act”, the proposed measure would extend copyright from 50 to 95 years after recording. A vast number of classical tracks are at stake; the copyright on recordings from […]

California judge disqualified from predatory lending case

Thursday, December 27, 2012 Judge James A. Stoelker of Santa Clara County, California Superior Court was disqualified from hearing a case on predatory lending practices the day before Christmas, on a technicality. The case was filed by David and Salma Merritt of Santa Clara County against multiple defendants, including Countrywide, Bank of America, and First […]