What Causes Spider Veins And Seeking Treatment In Beverly Hills

By Beth Munoz

To understand how the body functions is always a good idea when facing health challenges and looking to seek medical advice. Of course medical professionals in California can share their wisdom with patients and this often happens, but it is also important to take responsibility for your health, especially when it comes to understanding the cardiovascular system.

Seeking a Beverly Hills vein doctor who can discuss what causes spider veins is a great way to more fully understand venous health disorders that cause the need for treatment. Firstly, there are a number of precursors that must be present to result in unsightly and/or painful vein developments. There is a link between the development of unsightly veins in the legs and other areas and genetic forces. So if it runs in the family, the chances of having veins development at some point in life are higher. Furthermore, physical exercise routines play a huge role as well. There are number of cases of varicose and spider veins that could have been prevented or diminished through a commitment to physical exercise. It is true that keeping the body and heart healthy is a huge way to keep the veins healthy. By keeping the blood in the body moving, veins are less likely to pool blood, and thus result in a need for a trip to a Beverly Hills vein clinic.


Another factor in what causes spider veins is of course aging. Aging can lead to the loss of elasticity in various areas of the body, and the vein walls within the body are not exempt. So the reality is that some will see an increase in the visibility and perhaps pain of varicose and spider veins at some point in life. That is why treatment now exists for such conditions. At a local California Beverly Hills vein clinic, there are few treatment options that are highly effective and involve using the latest in medical technology. One is a laser treatment to remove spider veins. This treatment involves a local anesthesia and the use of lasers to seal a vein shut preventing the backflow of blood and pooling. Sclerotherapy is another option, involving the use of an injected solution meant to close the vein. Either treatment is considered minimally invasive as no surgery is required. Only a minor cut in the leg may be necessary with laser vein removal, but scarring is negligible if not nonexistent. A local Beverly Hills vein doctor can discuss the details of the procedure with you.

Some other advantages of seeking out vein care in Beverly Hills is that vein doctors are using the least invasive and shortest outpatient procedural techniques. This means that the causes of spider veins may still be evident but that the veins are treated nonetheless, and in a minimal amount of time, and with minimal recovery. This is great news for those interested in better understanding the causes of spider veins so that they may not only receive treatment with a Beverly Hills vein doctor but may also seek out ways to limit their susceptibility of having new veins occur after treatments.

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