The Benefits Of Cyber Liability Insurance

byAlma Abell

Cyber Liability Insurance protects e-commerce businesses against probable risks associated with the internet. This includes but is not limited to virus transmission, infringement, and breaches. It further protects the rights of intellectual property owners and customer privacy. Business owners who wish to take advantage of this insurance coverage should contact their preferred carrier.

Protecting Against Liabilities


Any company that designs and publishes a website online is subject to liabilities. This includes complexities associated with possible misrepresentation and mismanagement of information presented to customers and viewers. The owners must make the effort to verify all data published on the website to ensure accuracy. Any invalid claims presented leave the owner in actionable territory, especially if the claim is related to a product which does not perform as advertised.

By publishing information on their website, they are claiming that the information is original and not published previously by another author online. At any time that an author locates their work on the website that is protected by a copyright, he or she can take legal action against the website owner. Furthermore, they are not allowed to publish any information about clients on the site without their explicit permission as this violates privacy laws. They are also restricted from publishing any derogatory statements as they could be held libel for defamation of character.

Further Protections

Any violation of privacy policies are covered through Cyber Liability Insurance. This includes acquisition of credit card numbers, identity, and purchase histories for any clients who utilize their website due to a security breach. At any time that a customer’s information is stolen or compromised the insurance provides coverage to remedy these issues.

The internet-based company additionally acquires protection of any trademark names in which they use for the business. This prevents an infringement of domain names through illegal registration. However, the owner is required to register the name through the United States Trademark Office to claim exclusive ownership. They are also required to notify the registrar who purchases the domain name without permission to utilize the name. To receive a free quote for cyber protection, business owners may contact Olsommer Clarke Insurance Group, Inc.