Indian Wedding Traditions And Superstitions

A matrimonial event in India comes with a lot of baggage with respect to traditions and superstitions. A wedding is considered to be among the most sacred events in the lives of people and hence all the possible measures are taken to make sure that no negativity encroaches upon the events of the marriage as well as the happiness in the lives of the couple hereafter.Among the many factors that are taken into consideration before a couple gets married, the most important one is that of the presence of the mangal dosha. The existence of this dosha is believed to have catastrophic results on the couple and hence extra care is taken in form of astrological counseling, rituals and prayers to make sure that there is no occurrence of unwanted events during the course of the life of either the bride or groom.Speaking of the wedding event itself, there are number of traditions and rituals that are followed around the country to minimize the negative effect of the ‘evil eye’ on the bride or the groom. Here are some of the most popular and common traditions –1. After the engagement, many families believe that if the bride carries a knife or any other such sharp metal object with she at all times, she will be able to easily protect her virtue from the world including from her own fiance.2. Some Indian cultures believe that it is good luck if a cat eats out of the left shoe of a bride or a groom a week before the big day.3. At the same time, many families take is as bad luck if boiling milk spills over during or right before the wedding. It is taken a sign of an impending disaster.4. As orthodox as it may sound, in many villages of India, if the family of the groom is on the way to express their liking towards a prospective bride, it is believed that they may reject the offer in fear of bad luck if they spot a blind man, monk or pregnant woman on the way.5. At the same time, it is considered to be good luck if the family spots wolves pigeons or goats. It is thought unlucky for the bride to make her own wedding dress.6. It is considered highly unlucky for the bride to make her own wedding outfit.7. While borrowing a wedding dress brings your good luck, it is believed to bring back luck to the one who lends it.8. The bride along with other women of the household are known to send lentil balls to the house of the groom as a sign to ensure that the kitchen is always filled with food to eat at all times.9. While it is considered bad luck to see an open grave, lizard, pig or a cockerel crow on your wedding, it is considered good luck to see a rainbow, black cat or chimney sweep on your wedding day.Many of these superstitions may sound extremely conservative to a modern, progressive family; irrespective of their historical relevance, traditions and superstitions such as that of the mangal dosha are very much prevalent even in today’s more educated environment. Instead of blindly following any one of these, it is recommended that you first get a clear understanding behind each one’s relevance and apply what’s practical in your personal lifestyle.