How To Cut Time From Your Daily Commute

How to Cut Time From Your Daily Commute


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No one likes traffic. But unfortunately it is a part of everyone s daily lives. This is especially true for people who live in large cities like Los Angeles. A study done in May 2012 found that Los Angeles is the second busiest city when it comes to traffic congestion. Drivers in Los Angeles spend an average of 56 hours a year stuck in traffic. This time is second only to Honolulu drivers, who spend an average of 58 hours a year in traffic. Los Angeles also boasts four of the top ten busiest stretches of highway in the nation. This can result in a lot of time and energy wasted sitting in the car. Even worse, time stuck in traffic means money wasted. Idling cars use up gasoline just like a car in motion does, but an idling car gets zero miles to the gallon. According to the Consumer Energy Center, a car that is in idle for two minutes uses up the same amount of gasoline that is used to drive one mile. You are also forced to accelerate faster and more often in traffic, this too uses up an excess amount of fuel. Also the more time you are stuck in traffic the more you have to use your brakes. An overuse of your brakes caused by having to stop and start constantly in traffic will cause your brakes to wear out faster than they normally would, resulting in repair costs. So if you are one of the many people that have to deal with traffic every day during their commutes, read on to see some tips on how you can save time while in your car:

Take the Road Less Travelled

If you are spending hours in traffic during your daily commute then it may be time to find another way to get to your destination. If you are spending too much time in gridlock on the freeway, maybe you should consider taking surface streets or service drives to avoid the freeways and highways during peak traffic hours.


The best way to plan the optimal route for your commute will be to plan one out before driving. The night before you have to go to work, get the groceries, etc. sit down with a map and plot a different route to get you where you need to go, by doing so you can ultimately avoid congested streets. It should be noted that no one route for your commute will be the answer. Some days certain routes will have more traffic, while others will have less. It is important to plan more than one route so that you not will get caught in traffic during peak hours.

Travel during Non-Rush Hour Times

This is the simplest answer to how you can cut down on your commuting time. Certain times of the day are known to have more traffic. If you can avoid driving during those times then you could cut down on your commute times.

In order to do this you must first understand your local traffic patterns. By understanding these patterns you will be better able to avoid driving during peak traffic hours. Unfortunately some people like people driving to work have to drive during certain times of the day, and these times often coincide with peak traffic hours. If you have longer commutes affected by traffic, and if it is allowable, ask your office or superior if you could come to work at different times, either before or after peak traffic hours. This will help you avoid driving through congested streets, cutting down on your commuting time.

Carpool and Encourage Others to Do So Too

Carpooling can cut down on traffic time if everyone else carpools as well. By having more people driving in fewer cars the amount of congestion that occurs during peak hours will lessen because fewer cars will be on the road. That is why you should not only carpool with your friends and coworkers; you should also encourage carpooling in your area. If enough people carpool, then there will be less congestion during peak traffic hours.

Many people simply accept that traffic jams are a necessary evil during daily commutes. But that doesn t need to be the case. By finding new commute routes, commuting at different times of the day or carpooling you can significantly cut down on your commute time.

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How to Cut Time From Your Daily Commute