Food Intolerance Testing Offers New Hope To Allergy Sufferers

By Elizabeth Harfleet

For many, the onset of spring fills them with suffering rather than joy as a result of hay fever and other seasonal allergies. Symptoms of these allergies include sore itchy eyes and bouts of sneezing creating a personal nightmare for victims every year.

Many people rely on anti-histamines to relieve symptoms. However, according to a number of leading nutritional therapists in the UK, food intolerance testing rather than anti-histamines might offer the best treatment.

Could Food Intolerance Testing Relieve Seasonal Allergies

From late April onwards, sales of anti-histamines designed to relieve hay fever symptoms start to increase. These anti-histamines are available over the counter in spray or tablet format. They are intended to switch off the immune system’s response to the high pollen count thereby relieving symptoms.


However, there might be an alternative to taking these sorts of drugs. According to a number of leading UK nutritional therapists, food intolerance testing can help to relieve the suffering caused by seasonal allergies. Moreover, it could prove more effective than over the counter medication.

How Food Intolerance Testing Can Help to Alleviate the Effects of Seasonal Allergies

Taking anti-histamines does not prevent the problem of seasonal allergies. However, by carrying out food intolerance testing, individuals can identify foods that weaken their immune system and that make their bodies stronger. As a result, food intolerance testing can help people to fight the effects of seasonal allergies naturally.

How Food Intolerance Testing Works

Food intolerance tests can be bought online from a number of nutritional therapist websites in the UK. The key when looking to buy a food intolerance test is to choose one that has been clinically proven.

Food intolerance tests can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. You simply, prick your finger to collect a drop of blood which you absorb in the wand provided. You then send this wand to the designated laboratory for analysis.

Food intolerance testing is easy and affordable. Therefore, if you are a sufferer, it may be the perfect natural solution to your seasonal allergy nightmare.

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