Expert Tips To Retain The Value Of Your Car

Depreciation – the bitter truth every car owner has to swallow when trying to trade in their car. While common folk will have you believe there is simply no way you can preserve the value of your car, we experts know better. A number of things from the colour of your car to maintaining up to date documentation can help your case. Here are our top tips to slow down the march towards depreciation and sell your car for desired amount.

Make Smart Choices

There is a common adage that says cars lose money as soon as you drive it off the dealer’s parking lot. We think that some cars start to lose money even before that. The make and model of the car is a huge player when it comes to resales. While straying from the popular models and springing for something only ardent fans would buy may seem exciting, this will cost you dearly when trying to resell.

While you might want to personalise your automobile with those expensive extras. The truth is that those exorbitant extras rarely ever amount to anything when you sell as opposed to when you buy. Trendy modifications are also not the smartest thing to indulge in as people rarely take kindly to big mechanical changes. Even something as minor as repainting in a brasher colour can result in a poorer resale value.

Maintenance is a Must

There is simply no other way to put it, poorly maintained cars are only worth the scrap metal they offer. When you resell, the condition of your car is assessed and ones that receive a higher rating logically fetch a better price. Apart from the regular routine maintenance and being punctual with the scheduling of your services, there is a lot you can do by yourself.

Staying on top of waxing and washing your car may seem simple but it’s a difficult chore to keep up with especially when temperatures outside are colder than usual. We are here to tell you that your perseverance is sure to pay off in the long run. Taking care of dings and scratches immediately, regular oil changes, spark plug checks and even frequent aligning of your tyres will make all the difference. While these are things you can handle by yourself, don’t take on heavy repairs by yourself at the risk of damaging your car.

Keep That New Car Scent

While this might seem silly, think back to how big a role that distinct scent plays in how you feel about a car. This is a small thing that can have a huge effect but the good news is that it doesn’t take much from your side to keep it that way. Investing time and some money in regular interior maintenance is one thing but there is a lot to be achieved by simply avoiding some things.

Not smoking in your car is purely common sense, while not many smoke in their cars anymore, doing so will inadvertently damage your car. Smoke clings to your seat fabric and infiltrates your filters making the vehicle reek. This applies to food as well, while it might be tempting to grab that quick bite in your car, spilled drinks and crumbs may stay longer than intended if you don’t tend to them immediately. Our furry companions can also cause irreversible damage to the car, make sure you use a blanket and a divider when transporting your pooch to the vet or even taking them to the dog park.

Protect From The Elements

You might not always have a say in where you get to park your car but as much as possible, we’d suggest keeping it indoors. While the harsher elements can truly give your car a beating, even parking it under a fruit tree can bring up a crop of issues. Bird droppings and falling tree sap can have an adverse effect on your painted exteriors. If you don’t have an option but to park outside, definitely consider purchasing a car cover that will offer some cover.

Document Everything

While all the above tips help to an extent, nothing seals the deal quite like proper documentation. Car dealers such as kiwi cash for cars and private buyers are equally reluctant to purchase cars without the proper documentation and with good reason. Improper documentation is more trouble than it is worth for the buyer, so ensure you maintain receipts of every service, replacement and even those routine engine checks.

Now it goes without saying that having a valid registration will offer you a lot of bargaining power, an impeccable driving record without any misdeamnours also helps a lot. However what will help you turn a profit the most is selling your car with a portion of factory warranty period remaining.

In the end when trying to sell that car what will come to your aid is timely care and calculated decisions. Choose to treat your car like it’s new everyday and it will most definitely turn over a good as new price when it’s time to say goodbye.