Discover Mogadishu, Somalia Vacation Travel Guide

Planning to go on a trip in 2020? This world is full of many beautiful places. The seaside Somali capital Mogadishu can be the place on your list. Mogadishu tourism attracts visitors from all over the world and it is called the White Pearl of the Indian Ocean. A person will get a beautiful travel experience because the country is having a rich culture that dates back to the ancient time of the 1st century.

Mogadishu- A Land of Rich Culture

The city also provides different myths, stories right from the tribal year to the sultanate rules, republic and civil war, Italian imperialism. The civil war has affected the Mogadishu a lot but the recovering time has left a great impact on the city. The city has experienced a phase that is called as the economic renaissance by the experts. According to this, the Somali diaspora is coming back to build their homeland by joining hands with the entrepreneurs who have left their homeland.

Transformation of the City

If you are the person who likes to explore the rich culture and heritage of the city, you should visit the Mogadishu as it will be offering you a wonderful experience for the visitors. The city has many beautiful tourist destinations and many adventurous attractions that will be offering a thrilling experience to the tourists visiting the Mogadishu. If you have made your plan to travel to this city, then contact a professional and renowned travel agency to book cheap flights to Mogadishu and pack your bags.

The city has been somehow transformed and it is being controlled by the central authority and private investors are coming back. It is important to note that the city is having a boom not only in real estate but also in the hospitality industries, aviation, and telecommunications. An independent Somali airline has opened 15 domestic and international routes flying on a daily basis.

Mogadishu aims to provide all the things that a beautiful seaside paradise can provide you. It is providing you the luxurious poolside, beautiful beaches, and it is surrounded by the blue waters of the Indian ocean. The remains of the Italian are prominent in the street cafes and various merchants are selling Italian bread and cappuccino on the roadside.

Attraction to Visit in Mogadishu

Below is a list of the places that you should visit on your trip to the Mogadishu:

Black Hawk Down Site: It the site where you can still see the water tanks and machines that are present on the street as the US army fled. Furthermore, some remains of the tanks are also present near to the sea and you can see them during low tide.

Mogadishu Lighthouse: It is a major landmark in the city. It has been destroyed during the civil war and it is not functional. But this place can provide you an amazing view of the bay. But for the view, you should have the courage to climb up.

Liido Beach: The beach will be providing you a relaxing holiday where you can come across various water activities and adventurous sports for enjoying your holiday.

Peace Garden: It is one of the best and attractive places even for the residents of Somalia. The families visit this place every weekend. It was built in 2016.

Jazeera Beach: Another popular destination on the list is the Jazeera Beach. It is a few kilometers to the Mogadishu after the Liido beach. At this beach, thousands of people gather for relaxing on the weekends as a part of the Somali culture and this is one of the most impressive beaches present around the world.

Arab-Rucun Mosque: It is also called as the Mosque of the four pillars. According to the city’s Islamic Heritage, this Mosque is one of the few things that has been luckier than the neighboring cathedral and this Mosque has not turned into a ruin. It is said that this Mosque was built by the direct descendant of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

Ruins of Mogadishu Cathedral: This was built during the colonial years of Italian, Somaliland. The cathedral has barely survived during the decade of the civil war. This was badly damaged during the fight in 1990 and then it was severely affected by the bombing in 2008. Some of the arches and stone walls are the testament of the old building. According to the new Somali Government, there is a possibility that they will be building Cathedral again as a sign of religious harmony.

Arch of Triumph: The Triumphal arch was built by the Italians in 1936.

Banadir Governor Office: It is the building where the government officials stay.

Markets in Mogadishu

The markets present in the city are as follows:

Bakaara Market: It is an open and the largest market in Somalia. It was built in late 1972 during the reign of Siare Barre that allowed the proprietors to sell their daily essentials. During the civil war, the demand for ammunition and arms was created. Everything starting from pistol to anti-craft weapons were sold here.

Jaziira Livestock Market: It is a booming market for sheep, camels, cows, and goats. Animals are fed here before exporting them to the Middle East markets. You can easily find different breeds from Somali Cattle breed to the Ethiopian Borana cattle breed. Furthermore, in the camel market, you can get fresh camel milk.

Mogadishu Fish Market: This market is built with all thanks to the UK-Somalia. If you have seen the Mogadishu Fish Picture and want to try it, then this is the right place for you to visit.

Over to You

This was a brief about the Mogadishu. Now you are having a clear understanding of the culture and the places that you can visit on your trip to Mogadishu.

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