What Do I Want In Life

Submitted by: Caitlin Russo

You maybe someone who is looking for an answer to the question What do I want in life ?, and if you are then you may find what I have to say useful.

I know that I have had moments in life where I was like, What Do I want ? It can be a difficult question to ask yourself, but let me offer a simple solution in this article.

I was having a conversation with my neighbor Max, and he asked me what were some things I enjoyed doing. I told him a liked doing anything really. Particularly physical activities like hiking, swimming, ect I told him that a lot of things I enjoyed doing cost money, and he seemed a bit curious about that response, but it s true.

Everything in this life cost something, and the majority of things cost money. For example, my dream is to build a beautiful home on the southern coast of the United States on a lake connected to the ocean by a river. I have a decent sized sailboat yacht that I take to travel around the world on whenever I please. I have horses, ATV s, animals, a massive organic garden, a private golf course, a helicopter, personal jet, a trap/skeet/sporting clay range, pool, Jacuzzi, and a private entrance to the whole property!

I want you to notice a couple things about the above paragraph, but first let me tell you what enabled me to come up with this. If you are someone who is looking for an answer to the question What do I want , I pose this to you


Imagine, if you will, that money was know option. Pretend your a kid a gain, and everything is possible for moment. What would dream life look like? What would it consist of? Whose apart of it? My friend, all thoughts are is you asking yourself questions and giving yourself answers, so start asking yourself these questions to find out what you really want in this life.

I also, want to let you in on a little secret. There s a saying that goes something like this

If you tell a lie big enough, loud enough, long enough, eventually people start to believe it.


-Adolf Hitle

If you don t believe that you can accomplish your dreams, you ve been lied to my friend, and believed it

If you are a human being (cuz who knows, there could be some aliens reading this lol) you have the innate capacity to achieve your dreams, period! You were born to not just to dream, but to live out your dream, and you can!

I say this with total conviction in my heart because of what has unfolded in my life and the lives of countless others you probably know, yet haven t considered that you are no different from me or any of them until right now.

Micheal Jordan

Oprah Winfrey

Albert Einstein

Pablo Picasso

Anthony Robbins

Richard Branson

Ralph Lauren

J.K. Rowling

Shawn Jay-Z Carte

Celine Dion

Shania Twain

This is just a few on a list of many many more people who accomplished their dreams!

Back to what I wanted to mention about my dream. If you go back and read it again, notice the way I talk about my dream. I talk as if it were already a reality. Heck, who knows, maybe by the time your reading this, it will be. From what I ve learned from those who are in life where I wish to be, it s that when it comes to your dreams, you have to believe in them as if they will happen, and in fact already have happened.

So, to finish up here, 2 crucial things you might now decide are important to take away that will help you answer the question What do I want .


Believe your what you dream will and already has happened!

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