Using Locally Based Moving Companies In Nashville


When it comes to trusting the contents of your home to people you may only have met once before, working with a reputable company is a must for your peace of mind. One important factor in selecting moving companies in Nashville is the confidence you have in knowing they have a presence in the community and are a legitimate business.

There are some simple ways to determine if moving companies in Nashville are a true professional moving company or simply a from home type of business. This information is accessible through online searches and a few simple phone calls.

Real Business Address

The established and reputable moving companies in Nashville, including local offices of national or international movers, will have actual physical office locations. They will include their corporate information as well as their local addresses on the website, along with business phone numbers and online contact information.

A less reputable operation will not list a business address and will be vague and evasive about where they are located. Sometimes these “moving companies in Nashville” are not actually located in Nashville and perhaps not even in the state.

Another giveaway of a less than reputable business is when the same person constantly answers the phone, or all you can do is leave a voice message. During regular business hours, reputable moving companies will answer their phones in person. You will also receive a timely call back when you leave a message.

Equipment and Crews

Locally based moving companies in Nashville will hire local workers. These individuals are screened during the hiring process and will be trained on the job or through specific training programs offered by the moving company.

The lower quality companies typically hire on an “as needed” basis and use day laborers or temporary workers who may or may not have experience in moving.

Policies and Practices

The best moving companies in Nashville give back to their community. These companies are often using environmentally friendly packing and moving programs, including recycling and reducing waste.

These local moving companies in Nashville are involved in community events and support safe workplaces for their employees and their customers. Their goals are to promote professional moving services and to continue to provide their clients with the highest levels of customer support and services before, during and after the move.