Use The Power Of Male Psychology To Attract Your Ex Boyfriend Push His Emotional Hot Buttons}

Submitted by: H.L. Archer

The easiest way to get your ex boyfriend back after a breakup, is to know the way men think. That will enable you to use the power of male psychology and push his hot buttons. Knowing how to attract your ex by certain words or actions will make him immediately want to be with you again. This can save you a lot of heart break and rejection because you will also know what not to do.

At the time of a breakup, you will be so upset that almost any action you take will be wrong. All you will be able to think of is getting your ex back and you will throw away all of your pride and dignity to do it. All this will do is make the man you love pull farther away from you and confirm his decision to breakup with you. To attract him to you again, he needs to see a woman that is strong and mature. He cannot possibly respect someone that is whining and begging him for his love.


The first thing you need to know about male psychology is that men always want what they cannot have. If you hand him your love on a silver platter, he will not appreciate it. But if you take your love away from him, he will fight to get it back. When he broke up with you, your ex boyfriend was pretty confident that you were still in love with him. Your ex could envision you chasing him, calling at all hours, sending text messages and emails telling him you cannot live without him. This would inflate his ego and make him feel ten feet tall. But it would not make him want you back.

In order to make him want you again, you will have to reject him the way he rejected you. This might seem impossible since he broke up with you, but you can make him feel that you are dumping him. By doing this you will push his hot buttons like crazy and he will be wondering why he cannot get you off his mind. To accomplish this, all you have to do is ignore him and make no attempt to get him back. Treat him as if he does not exist and you will light a fire under him quick. Men cannot stand to be rejected, dumped or ignored and you will be making him feel all of these things.

When your ex boyfriend cannot stand being ignored any longer, he will give you a call and ask you to meet him and talk things over. You will want to jump at the chance to see and talk to him, but you need to hold out a little longer. Tell him you have been enjoying your space so much that you will have to think it over and call him back in a few days. This will set him wild and he will be chasing you again and he will not stop until he has you back in his arms.

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