Tips On Cleaning A Persian Rug In New York City

March, 2014 byAlma Abell

For many years all over the world a Persian rug is a very treasured possession due to the quality and workmanship that it takes to construct the rug. It is very important to keep the Persian rug clean and properly maintained so it can last for many years. Cleaning and maintaining a Persian rug is very different from other types of rugs due to the volatility of the fabric. The time and effort you put into cleaning your Persian rug will pay off once you see how vibrant and renewed the rug will look. The following are a few tips from The Golden Horn on how to properly clean a Persian Rug.


Vacuuming the Persian Rug

The first thing that you need to do before wetting the rug in order to clean it is to vacuum it thoroughly. This will help to remove dirt and debris from the rug, which will allow you to easily clean the carpet without getting dirt all over the rug that you are using. In most cases, just vacuuming the carpet will make it look a lot better and will remove the dinginess that dirt can create on a Persian rug. Regularly vacuuming the Persian Rug in New York City is very important in areas of high traffic because more traffic produces more dirt and debris.

Soapy Water and a Scrub Brush

After you vacuum up the debris from the Persian rug, the next step is to get a buck of hot soapy water in order to scrub the stains out of the rug. Using over the counter cleaners may be to abrasive for the rug and could cause more problems than good. In most cases, the over the counter cleaners contain harmful chemicals that can stain the rug. Soapy water is just as effective as over the counter cleaners and not filled with harmful chemicals.

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