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Buying a car is, of course, a delightful moment, but is also an expensive affair. Its not a thing that can be purchased regularly. Therefore, protecting this investment is very important. This can be done by buying a car insurance policy. Also, car insurance policy is mandatory by law. It is a legal requirement to have a minimalist insurance policy before driving a car.

Car insurance policy covers various aspects of a car, the passengers and the driver during a mishap. Every coverage differs according to the car. But there is list of things which are generally covered by every insurance policy such as bodily injury, property damage liability and damage to the car. However, before buying a vehicle insurance, you need to have a good understanding of the different terminologies and types of insurance policy which suits your requirements.

There are different types of coverage that a policy gives under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. They are:

Comprehensive coverage

Third party car coverage

Liability coverage

Collision coverage

Medical payment

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Before opting for any one policy that provides you with a combination of different coverages, you need to understand some of the things.

Third party insurance is mandatory


It is necessary as per the Indian Road Safety Act and Indian Motor Vehicles Act to opt for a third party coverage plan. Such plans when provided by your car dealer, the premium costs is factored into your vehicles purchase price.

Features covered in third party car insurance


Third party insurance offers protective cover against damages that are caused to the third person or vehicle. Its not necessary that you can claim this only if you are behind the wheels, you can even claim it if your family member, friend or hired driver is driving. This kind of policy will cover claims for damage caused to a third party which includes grievous injury, disability, or death. You cannot claim for any damage that has happened to you or your vehicle during the accident. For example, after an accident when you approach a car glass dealers you realize that genuine windshield which is available in the market is quite expensive. During such times, vehicle insurance comes in handy.

Comprehensive cover is always preferred


These insurance plans offer protection for damages to you as well as your car. It also protects your car against accidental fire, thefts, and other damages as per the selected insurance plan. These plans do not include any third party coverage for any kind of physical injury to the passenger or the vehicle.

Look for add-ons


It is necessary that you keep an open mind while looking for add-ons for car insurance. Adding good plans that cover all the aspects will provide optimum protection. Try to find add-on as per your requirement. For example, look for a plan that will cover your cost of replacing a windshield if you live in a neighbourhood where children love to play cricket. Furthermore, you can contact experts of windshield as they are one of the best for car glass replacement in Delhi.

Personal accident cover


Safety is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for a personal accident cover that will ensure you get protection against any physical harm during a car accident. This plan can be availed for any and all passengers in your vehicle based on the cars seating capacity.

Look for all the options


Dealers usually offer insurance for a car at the time of purchase. It is not necessarily the only option available. Buy an insurance policy only after careful consideration and comparison between multiple insurance quotes. Always remember, to check all the features covered within the insurance quote. As the most affordable insurance might not be best, and the costliest one might not cover all the aspects of your requirement.

Car insurance depends on the capacity of the vehicle


The insurance premium takes into account the capacity of the car, cost and geographical location where it was bought. For instance, the premium one must be paying for a car model in a semi-urban area, would be much less as compared to the premium a metropolitan citys car owner would pay for the same model.

Thus, an insurance policy is an important feature which should not be ignored. You cannot predict the possible damage that your car will suffer so maintain a plan that will help you sail through such rough days. It is advised that after the damage you take your four wheeler to a service centre which has partnered with experts for hassle-free services. For instance, if your car has a cracked windshield, you can take it for a car glass repair in Delhi and get it repaired or replaced.

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