The Htc Hd7 Featuring An Internal Gps Antenna Along With Bing Maps

The HTC HD7 featuring an internal GPS antenna along with Bing Maps


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The HTC HD7 has an internal GPS antenna along with Bing Maps application allowing it to offer you greta onscreen maps and directions from A to B. It also has a 5 megapixel auto focus camera for video recording in HD as well as easy ways to share videos and photos through messaging and social networks.


The handset has a 1 GHz Qualcomm processor which is supported by 576 megabytes of random access memory allowing the phone to work seamlessly with its Windows Phone 7 operating stymy which has a customisable Start screen. The screen has Tiles, each of which is chosen by you and can host photo slideshows, games shortcuts, the latest weather and phone based alerts such as new messages. Each tile is automatically updated also, meaning they are constantly providing live information to you.

The HD7 has an impressive 4.3 inch touch display with pinch to zoom capability as well as offering vivid WVGA resolution for all your graphics and the general user interface. The screen also allows you to watch HD videos back after you have produced your own with the 5 megapixel auto focus camera which also has the support of built-in scenes and a dual LED flash. The phone has a kickstand on its rear which allows you to stand it upright to watch videos or use it as a stereo when listening to music. The Music and Videos Hub allows you to do both of these as well as offering live radio to listen to and the means to download more music and videos to your phone as it is powered by Zune.

The phone has Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate connectivity for wireless file sharing through the File Transfer and Object Push Protocols respectively, along with other profiles including the A2DP wireless stereo profile for headsets in place of using standard headphones and the 3.5mm audio jack connector also present on the handset. Additionally, there is a microUSB connector which allows you to easily and quickly share files and sync the handset software with a Windows PC (XP and above) for updates. Social networking is offered also through the skydive feature which can send your photos and videos directly to Facebook or Windows Live, and the Pictures Hub displays all of them from the phone and the two respective social networks together.

The HTC HD7 is a compact and well-designed handset with simple touch parameters into the Windows Phone operating system and offering great features including its powerful camera and GPS services.

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