Summer Holiday Health And Safety For Your Dog}

Summer Holiday Health and Safety for your Dog


Lesley Komlos

Summertime can be the ideal season to take your dog to the beach to enjoy the summer sunshine. This can be a great holiday time, as long you take the necessary precautions to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable on the beach and in the sun.

The most frequently asked questions about having holiday fun in the sun or at the beach with your dog are:

Will my dog be able to swim?

Not necessarily. Contrary to popular belief, there are certain types of dogs who will find it difficult, if not impossible to swim. There are some breeds with a combination of large weighty bodys and little legs that find it very difficult. Also, some dogs seem to have developed a fear of water that may preclude them from enjoying a holiday swim at the beach. Remember that even dogs that are good beach swimmers, do get worn-out and need to rest periodically. If taking a puppy to the beach, make sure that you introduce him to the water slowly and carefully so that you can teach your dog to enjoy your holidays at the beach.


Is the Water OK for my dog to drink?

At ocean beaches, it is not good for your dog to drink the water. Illness would result from your dog drinking the salty sea water. It is important to bring provisions of fresh water for both you and your dog to drink. Rinsing your dog with fresh water after swimming and playing in the sand is a good idea too, it can avoid skin complaints and harm to your dogs coat.

Can my dog get sun burnt?

It is possible for dogs to get sun burnt. Dogs with short or white fur and also those with pink looking skin are the most likely to suffer from sun burn. To ensure a pain free holiday for both you and your dog, it is a good idea to take similar precautions with your dog as you would with your own skin. Applying sunblock to areas with little or no hair such as their ears is a good idea. Limiting exposure to the sun is also a good preventive measure.

Is it OK to let my dog off his leash and roam freely on the Beach?

There certainly are specific dog beaches, where it is perfectly ok to let your dogs run free on the beach. However most beaches require that you keep your dogs on their leads at all times. This is common sense really; it makes for a safer environment for both the people and the dogs holidaying on the beach.

Strategies for making sure that both you and your dog enjoy your summer beach holiday in comfort and safety include:

*Watch out for heat stroke symptoms in your dog, such as fast panting, drooling and unsteadiness on their feet.

*Be aware of the heat of the sand, hot sand could be quite painful for your dogs feet too!

*Always supervise your dog while on the beach.

*Be aware of your surroundings, particularly with regards to things lying around on the beach such as fish hooks or dead fish or sea life which could be toxic to your pet.

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Summer Holiday Health and Safety for your Dog}