Studies Showing The Dangers Of Asbestos

By Jamie Alden

The medical community is very aware these days of how asbestos brings health risks to individuals, young and old alike. Researches and studies are still conducted to dig more information and to find possible cure for the diseases caused by asbestos.

Studies showing the dangers of asbestos

According to experts, asbestos sheds its health dangers when the materials containing it start to deteriorate. In fact, some studies have shown that asbestos when not disturbed in their location could not really inflict harm. However, there are still studies that stress the possibilities of the asbestos fibres becoming airborne even when its location is left untouched.

A particular study revealed that majority of homeowners knows that asbestos could be present in their homes. However, they are unaware of what materials could possibly contain them and where they could possibly be. Some of the most common materials that might contain asbestos include a wide range of home construction materials such as corrugated cement roofing, flexible building boards, and brick claddings among others.


Some decades ago, it was believed that only those persons who worked directly with asbestos materials could contract asbestos-related diseases. Persons like millers, miners, and construction workers are among those who had the highest statistics of asbestos-related diseases and deaths recorded. Nonetheless, with the knowledge that asbestos fibres can be airborne, several studies were carried out to determine the rate of asbestos poisoning to those with indirect contact with asbestos sources.

Studies found out immediate family members of those who worked as asbestos miners also developed asbestos-related diseases in the long run. Wives of miners who used to wash clothes of their partners were those with the highest cases of asbestos-related diseases through indirect exposure.

Medical experts also found out in chains of studies conducted since the 1970s that asbestos-related diseases have long latency periods. Persons exposed to asbestos fibres usually develop diseases some 20 to 40 years after being first exposed. These studies also revealed the shocking truth that the length of exposure to asbestos fibres is not a real basis of whether an individual would contract the disease or not. There are cases of asbestos-related diseases in which the affected persons were exposed to asbestos for short spans of time only.

There are also studies funded by companies associated to asbestos manufacturing that revealed the real dangers of asbestos. However, most of these studies are not made public to cover up the scope of damages asbestos has done to their own workforce.

More recent studies have shown the extent of dangers asbestos pose to a larger population. According to experts, the current wave of asbestos-related diseases is now affecting homeowners, home renovators, and even those that are in schools and offices. This is due to the deterioration of asbestos-containing materials used in the construction of many residential and commercial buildings.

In summary, the studies that are carried out by various entities clearly show that asbestos is a real health risk to the human population. Its presence in homes and other establishments should be detected through asbestos audits to implement necessary actions that will keep persons in those locations spared from its ill effects. Nonetheless, despite the truth revealed by these studies, fact still remains that asbestos-related diseases are still subjected to extensive medical researches to find out possible cure against them.

The effects of asbestos fibres and dust can be lessened. For instance, there are numerous builders that extend their expertise to determine the presence of asbestos in homes. They implement necessary actions ensuring the safe sampling, inspection, encapsulation, removal, and disposal of asbestos to ensure that homes are spared from the dangers of asbestos.

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