Sculptra: Basic Info About The New Anti Aging Injections

By Alexa Phillips

Have you heard about Sculptra Aesthetic, a dermal filler used as a non-invasive alternative to costly plastic surgery? If you are looking for an anti-aging solution and have considered Botox or Restylane shots, read this article to find out more about Sculptra.

Sculptra injections are an anti-aging treatment option. They are longer lasting than other dermal fillers and far less invasive than going under the knife and getting facial plastic surgery. Some people are more daring when it comes to cosmetic surgery and others prefer natural remedies and some fall in between and feel comfortable with injections or fillers but would rather avoid other cosmetic surgeries. For those that want dramatic results, dermal fillers are an excellent option to avoid loads of down time and serious complications. Injections are also much cheaper than more invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. Like most dermal fillers, Sculptra targets specific areas on the face and isn’t suitable for others. Here are a few basic things to know about Sculptra so that you can make an informed decision about it.

Gradual, Natural Looking Results

A major benefit patients find when considering Sculptra compared to Botox or other fillers is that the results are gradual. The complete Sculptra dermal filler treatment takes a few sessions. You didn’t age overnight – it took time so naturally, it takes time to anti-age. The number of sessions needed is determined by your doctor, and depends on your specific wrinkles and desired results. Usually three or four injection sessions scheduled about 3 weeks apart can be expected. The gradual, more natural looking results are quite a perk in contrast to Restylane or Juvederm or other fillers. You won’t come to work the next day looking like you have had work done with facial muscles that can’t move. However, it’s also important to keep timing in mind for a special occasion – plan early so you get your best results. If you have a high school reunion coming up, start your treatments a few months in advance so that you reach the anti-aging results you desire in time for your reunion.


Lasting Youthful Results

As with other anti-aging fillers, Sculptra injections do not last forever but unlike others, they do last for up to two years. The long lasting results keep you from having to go in for injections again and again. In contrast to many treatments, you have to get them done after several months, Sculptra will last for well over a year and up to two so you get to enjoy your youthful appearance for a long time.

As with any cosmetic surgery or dermal filler treatment, choosing the right Sculptra doctor is important. You can find trained Sculptra doctors and dermatologists all across the country and abroad. On our site, you can find a list of important questions to ask your prospective doctor. It is important to find a dermatologist or physician who understands your individual needs, concerns, budget and desired end result.

Sculptra Treatment Areas

Sculptra will correct shallow to deep nasolabial fold lines or smile lines and other facial wrinkles. The injections even target fairly deep wrinkles. Over the course of the injections, you can expect to see dramatic results. In studying before and after photos, it doesn’t appear that the results are that incredible – at first. After the first treatment, results are minimal – after the second, you see more progress. However, after three treatments, the results are pretty incredible.

This dermal filler is not made for the forehead or area around the eyes so stick to your other favorite fillers for that. The FDA has approved it for cosmetic use only in the area around the mouth and nose – the marionette lines or smile lines. It is not suitable for use in the lips.

Side Effects

In clinical testing, the side effects noted when using Sculptra were minimal and generally mild. Bruising, redness, swelling and itching are the most prevalent. Further information on side effects can be found by visiting our site.

Why Choose Sculptra?

Sculptra injections are best suited to those who don’t want people to know they’ve had work done, due to the gradual process of improvement in wrinkles. If you need an overnight makeover – stick with one of the other instant result treatments like Botox. The treatment is currently best suited to the nasolabial fold lines. If your areas of concern are the eye area, or the forehead, this is not the right injection for you. The smile lines are an area of concern for many women and the elimination of folds in that area of the face will definitely improve the youthful appearance of the face overall.

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