Safety Tips For Women Who Live Alone

By Cori N. Baker

Your home security measures have to be stepped up a notch higher if you are a woman who is living alone. Some women might be able to protect themselves against intruders quite well. However, as women are the most typical targets or criminals, you shouldn’t just rely on your skills.

Prevention should be your priority when it comes to this situation.

Assess the neighborhood that you are living in. It might be helpful if you have determined how much effort you are going to put into securing your property based on the danger that is present outside. However, it is not wise for you to be complacent about your safety if your neighborhood hasn’t had a case of break-ins or home invasions in a long time. In any case, your home needs to be burglar and home invader-proof.


Install lights outside of your property. If you are living in a single detached house, you have to safeguard your backyard as well as your front property. One way that you can make sure that there are no intruders in that area is with the help of lights. When these areas are well lighted, you can easily keep anyone from creeping around your property. Those who live in apartment buildings might only need to have lights outside of their front doors.

Consider using thick curtains on your windows. These curtains should be enough to keep people from seeing what you are doing inside your home. These may also help keep you calm if you think someone is watching you from the outside. When you have windows near the street, you need to make sure that you draw your curtains once the night sets in.

Locks are essential in any home. If you wish to keep your personal belongings intact, you need to keep your doors and windows locked all of the time. Leaving no opportunity for strangers to get inside your home will also help save you from being a victim of home invasions. Deadbolts are famous as they can keep people from entering a property by just picking the locks of the doors. Have deadbolts installed in your doors to ensure that you and your home will not be put in danger.

Never forget about closing and locking your windows. If you are going to leave your home to go to work, you need to make sure that all windows are closed. Home intruders can take advantage of an open window even if it is located on a floor that is a couple of stories high.

Invest in an alarm system. You can have this alarm system to operate when an intruder was able to get inside your property. An electronic alarm can be the most typical devices you can get. However, you may be a little more resourceful if you are not amenable to using such products. Some people take care of dogs so that they can be alerted once a stranger is inside their home. Get a dog which is smart enough to be trained. Sometimes, it will also be advantageous if your dog is big enough to scare or actually fight off an attacker.

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