Owl Energy Monitor Compared To Current Cost Envi

Owl Energy Monitor Compared to Current Cost Envi


Katrina Wagner

A great many people have yet to implement a program of Greening their lives as it is still a rather new idea for many. There is some trepidation regarding the effect that it might have on their lives and it conjures up images of minimalism and a reduction of our current lifestyle. This is not, of course, the case. While you can adopt some of the more extreme adaptations that serve to reduce our Carbon Footprint if you put your mind to it, the march of technology is changing all that.

Common Sense Conservation


Few families have not yet attempted to teach the value of conservation to their children using such phrases as Please turn off the telly if you not watching it! or Why is that light on in the daytime? It was never about the environment, but about not wasting energy instead. The Owl Energy monitor is an example of industry tapping common sense to create real solutions.

A number of these energy monitors are on the market now and they offer a common sense means of demonstrating the value of conservation. They are easy to install; you simply attach an electricity sensor to the power cord of the device you wish to monitor and activate the monitor. The amount of electricity your device is using will be shown on a digital display as well as the cost, once you program your rates into the device. A few things you should consider include whether or not you wish to monitor a three-phase circuit, which would require a more expensive device, as well as the number of devices you wish to monitor.

Units are available that can be connected to your home or business PC as well. These devices allow you to collect the data and analyse it. There are always more options and higher cost units, nevertheless units such as the Owl Energy Monitor are simple, low cost and allow you to benefit from monitoring without making a big commitment of hours or pounds.

Making it Real in Your Life

One of the more advanced units is the Current Cost Envi RRP. This unit will track the energy usage of up to 9 separate appliances and store that information in your PC with the addition of a data cable and special individual appliance monitors. While this is a more costly solution that requires a bit more setup, it could be worth the time and the money.

If you are ready for that then you already know what you want; however, for the rest of us a simple solution is the natural desire to conserve. The Owl Energy Monitor is a simple solution. Attach it to the telly and watch the tariff rise; they demonstrate to the little ones the real difference that little things can make. You could convert the savings into other terms like carbon savings, or oil not burned to increase the impact of the knowledge. Most of us will do nothing if we are asked to do what we do not understand. The Owl Energy Monitor is a simple way to start small and have a real impact.

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Owl Energy Monitor

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