Massage Do’s And Don’ts

By Chris Turley

Seen as a more effective method than traditional massage because of the stones’ wonders in promoting muscle relaxation and tension release, hot stone therapy is often preferred by a lot of people who are in dire need of giving themselves a chance to unwind.

But in getting a hot stone massage, there are certain things you have to know and follow. Here are some of the major do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind:


— Schedule your appointment in advance. This will give the therapist or the spa book appointments more efficiently. Once you’ve booked your schedule, be sure to show up. Cancelling the last minute or not showing up is a very impolite thing to do.

— Arrive on time. This will give you time to relax before your session which is optimal in getting the best massage experience. Arriving early will also give you the chance to enjoy the spa’s facilities such as steam bath, sauna or whirlpool.

— Drink plenty of water before and after the therapy. Massage is known to release unhealthy toxins and drinking plenty of water helps a lot in flushing them out.


— Turn off your phone. Shun the outside world even for a few minutes and let this time be quality time for yourself.

— Relax. Take your mind off anything and imagine yourself in a calming place where there’s nothing left to do but to rest and relax.

— Discuss with your therapist any concerns and preferences that you may have about the session.

— Go to the bathroom before the session starts. Standing up, getting dressed and going to the restroom can surely interrupt the flow of the therapy and ruin the relaxing ambience of the place.

— Give your therapist a 10-15% tip. You may give even more if you are very pleased with the service. To further show appreciation, you can also make referrals to your family and friends.


— Don’t eat a heavy meal at least one hour before the session so you won’t feel bloated and uncomfortable. If you must eat, have a couple of light crackers instead.

–Don’t think of work or chores. This is your time to relax and it’s absolutely forbidden to let the letters w-o-r-k slip into your mind. You will only experience the optimum benefits of massage if you are able to relax your mind.

— Don’t feel obliged to engage in a conversation with your therapist if you want to enjoy the therapy silently.

— Don’t tighten up your muscles during the session because this is more difficult to relieve.

— Don’t wear perfume or apply lotion on your skin prior to the therapy. Perfumes are not advisable since you’ll be staying in an enclosed room. Wearing scents may suffocate your therapist while a lotion may interfere with the massage oil or lotion to be used in the session.

— Don’t get off the table immediately after the therapy. Feeling a little light headed or dizzy after a massage is normal. That’s why it’s important that you let yourself rest for a couple of minutes before getting up.

More and more people are turning to hot stone massage as a way to take a break from the usual grind of life which includes stressful office work, house chores and taking care of kids. By knowing these tips, you will be able to experience the best kind of therapy there is.

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