Is It Difficult To Get Visa To China?

By Seomul Evans

In case you may be wondering, the ease and speed of applying for and getting a visa to China could be relative to the documents you have. It could also depend on your purpose of going to the country. As you know, you could easily and quickly get a visa to China if you are a student who has been admitted formally to enroll in a Chinese university. It would also be easier if you have obtained employment in a mainland-based company that has also provided you with an invitation letter to work in China.

Some people may experience difficulty in applying for or getting a visa to China. However, the difficulty could be related to some discrepancies or some bad records that an applicant may have. Particularly, individuals who have records in overstaying in China or in other countries in the past could raise immigration suspicion. It is not yet clear whether tarnished credit or specific criminal records could have a direct impact for any application of visa to China. The application process may also depend on ownership of a passport by the applicant. If he does not own a passport, it is a requirement to secure one first before applying for a visa to China.

Application guarantees


Other than that, it is basically easier and faster to apply for a visa to China. In general, applying from the US could be easy and convenient. It may take about four days or as fast as just a day to secure and get a visa to China. The application could be processed by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate Office anywhere in the US. These days, some applicants find it more convenient to have the visa to China processed and applied for by a reliable and trustworthy travel agency on their behalf.

It could be easier if you have relatives who are currently based in China. If you have family members who are in the mainland, chances are greater that you could more easily apply for and obtain a visa to China if you intend to visit your relatives soon. It would also be easier if you have received invitation letters from any company, school, business, or employer that is based in the country.

Groups and foreign relations

Fortunately, the US and China have a good diplomatic relationship. Thus, residents of the US may not experience difficulty in applying for a visa to China. Residents of other countries with good foreign or diplomatic relationship with China could also experience the ease in applying for a visa to China. It is advisable to constantly check the current relationship of your country to China before you intend to apply for a visa going to the country.

Some travel agencies may reveal that it is much faster, easier, and convenient to apply for a visa to China if you are applying with or as a group. Tourist groups are usually more prioritized when it comes to processing visa applications. Your group may not need to be large. It could also consist of your family, relatives, or officemates, who all intend to visit China along with you. This is aside from the fact that you could enjoy discounts on hotel or flight accommodations and reservations if you take them for your group.

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