Is Calling An Ex Boyfriend You Still Love A Good Idea? Expert Advise On Break Up

There are several deliberation on the subject of whether or not calling an ex boyfriend you still love a good idea. Perhaps recently you have been looking to friends and family for counsel. Some are going to tell you that how to win back your boyfriend is calling him up and admit your unending love for him. Other friends may advice you that if you contact him with an excuse to talk to him you are going to stand a better opportunity of winning him back. Maybe you would say that you are battling with a work problem and you need his help moving a piece of furniture or need his opinion. These both appear to be a reasonable method to get a man’s interest once more, don’t they? The problem is that they simply will never work.

The reason why calling an ex boyfriend you still love isn’t a good idea is quite uncomplicated. After a relationship is over both partners still have feelings for each other. Women tend to have deeper emotions and this causes them to react more psychologically. If you call your ex boyfriend up at the time you are feeling tense you will likely appear as unstable and desperate. He is going to at once be uncomfortable having a discussion with you and as soon as the call has ended, he is going to do all he can to avoid you again. You shouldn’t make this mistake as it makes difficult the whole process of winning him back.


What you actually must do is shun calling him in general. There is a lot of significance in not calling an ex boyfriend than there is in calling him. At present you might not realize it, however women who proceed like they don’t mind after a relationship ends are those who their ex boyfriend run after. There is a lot of merit in playing hard to get when it comes to making an effort to win back a man you adore.

If you avoid calling him you may believe that he is going to stop thinking about you and move forward in his life. That is indeed a possibility; however it is a remote one. What is more expected to occur is he is going to have difficulty focusing on anything however you and the break up. He is going to begin to see you differently, much more positive light. At the time someone isn’t around we begin to miss those exceptional qualities they brought to our lives and it makes us long to get them back.

Determination, self confidence and control are the traits that will pull him back in once more. By not calling him and rather letting him see that you are strong and confident, you are going to be pulling him back. Bear in mind that usually in life and in love less is more.

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