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Submitted by: James Gunaseelan

The newest technology offering to lower vehicle fuel costs and help save the environment at the same time is rapidly expanding around the world. With the prospect of affordable hybrid cars on the horizon, many potential buyers are taking a wait and see attitude, before deciding that the money saved on the cost of gas while operating affordable hybrid cars will be a sufficient return on their investment. Currently, hybrid vehicles are more costly than their gas-sipping counterparts are, and when all costs associated with driving a hybrid vehicle are factored in, many claim the extra cost for the car does not return enough of a savings to justify the added expense. While willing to do their part to help reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, they are waiting for affordable hybrid cars before making the switch. Many potential buyers are looking past the sticker price of the car and are including all costs associated with the vehicle s operation.

The actual gas mileage achieved in real life may be lower than the estimates posted on the sticker, but even with mileage projected at 40 or 50 miles per gallon, as well as figuring gas prices at $3 per gallon, it could take up to three years to break even on the fuel savings and the price of the vehicle.


Throughout the history of hybrid technology, the available supply of oil and gasoline has stymied the growth of hybrid vehicle usage. A recent push was made in the 1970s during an oil shortage, but when supplies became available, the technology was forgotten. When Japan s gas prices topped three dollars a gallon in the 1990s, bringing in affordable hybrid cars became a priority. Even with the public clamoring for affordable hybrid cars most major car manufacturers were slow to embrace the technology, believing that as long as gasoline was plentiful and prices were kept in check, consumers would continue to burn gasoline and diesel vehicles without a second thought. With sale comparatively slow for hybrid vehicles, compared to conventional cars, they can make a case for being right.

However, consumers are smart enough to figure out that fuel efficient, clean burning affordable hybrid cars will be making their appearance in the near future and are willing to wait. Manufacturers will have to meet the demands of the car-buying public and those that fail to do so will find themselves losing business to the companies that do manage to produce affordable hybrid cars.

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