How To Date An Asian Woman?

By Anna Santos

More often than not, foreign men are attracted to women from the East. They find these women to be physically very attractive, cute and adorable. The demure look is somewhat a magnet to a lot of men from the West. The problem is when they do get to engage with these women in their homeland they do not have any idea on how to woo them especially if they encounter women who are still influenced with traditional roots.

Simple Steps That Matters

Asking for an Asian woman out on a date may differ according to their cultures traditions. Try to keep your invitation simple. Try a more subtle approach though because some Asian women find it offensive if you approach them in a western manner. They might brand you as presumptuous or arrogant. You will lose your chances of meeting other women because word goes around pretty fast in Asian countries, especially if you plan to stick around in the same locality. If you have a date with your Asian interest make sure that you are not late. Also make an extra effort to dress up accordingly for your date. Do not show up in shorts and slippers. Most Asians are very particular with hygiene, so make sure that you also have taken a shower and smell good. This will create a good first impression which will probably increase the chance of asking her out again.

Be chivalrous. If you think you are not that kind of guy then it is high time that you start being one if you want to impress your date. Opening the door or pulling up the chair for her are simple things that mean a lot to these women. As much as possible, have an itinerary if you plan to take her to more than just one place. Make the necessary arrangements or have it all planned out. You do not want to pressure her by asking where she wants to go when it is you who asked her out in the first place. Make it as relaxing as possible for your date, so you do the thinking. This will also give her the impression that you really know what you are doing and know what you really want. Asians have a culture where the men do most of the decision making and putting food on the table and the women are more of a homemaker.


It is important to always take it slow. Do not expect to be able to get her into bed on the first date. Generally, women from Asia go out on a date to find their possible lifetime partners so it is reasonable enough that they like you but not to the extent of going to bed with you unless you’re married. Unless, the woman you are going out with is a liberated enough or a prostitute. But if you are searching for a secure relationship with a woman that is faithful, then having a liberated Asian as a girlfriend is not a good idea at all.

Knowing Her Better

Try going out with her friends as a group as well. This will put her in her own environment and will give you a chance to get to know her better. Don’t forget to try and get the chance to meet her family as well. This will sort of make your intentions clear and some cultures require that you introduce yourself formally to an Asian woman’s family as a sign of respect. Evidently, there are a lot more that you should learn about dating women from Asia.

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