Have A Dance Music Video, Be A Self Made Star

Submitted by: Grace Sanchez

The images of sexual suggestions and dancing bodies amidst colorful lights come to mind when you see a dance music video. In every sense of the word, it truly is a feast for the visual and auditory senses, not to mention that your body wishes to get its groove, as well!

You can have your own dance music video and become a self-made star with the presence of Me-Media. Put your filmmaking and dancing skills to the forefront by uploading to YouTube. Who knows if you’ll be the next Marie Digby or Mia Rose! (Mia Rose got 35 million hits on the channels, while Marie Digby gained 2 million, placing them in the public limelight!)

With the emergence of Me-Media, you can become a self-made star with your own dance music video. Do not be afraid to put your dancing penchant and filmmaking skills, regardless of how amateurish, to the forefront of popular YouTube uploads. You could be the next Mia Rose or Marie Digby! (FYI – Marie Digby gained over 2 million hits and Mia Rose got 35 million hits on their channels, which is an extremely effective way of putting their names on the public’s awareness.)

People For Hire

You require the following persons to produce your dance music video, if you want to do it right:

* The back-up dancers must be suitable for the job. They shouldn’t overshadow you, but rather, complement you. You are the dance video’s star, after all!


* The choreographer should be able to show you fresh steps. He should also be able to highlight your strengths.

* The director is the point man for your music video. Determine your budget and his experience before you choose one.

* The cameraman should be an expert. He must be able to capture your best shots.

Basically, your dance music video will be created with these people. Other people like the production designer and director of photography are optional, particularly when you are operating on a considerably small budget. You can even hire a choreographer-slash-backup dancer, or a cameraman-slash-director. However, unless you want a one-angle music video, you just cannot be the star-cum-cameraman!

Your Video Shoot

It is good to have an idea of how you want your dance music video to look before you make it. Do you want a lot of special effects to highlight your dance moves, or do you just want to focus on the latter? In creating your dance music video, this is just among the choices to be made. Often, a storyboard can help you in drafting an initial “feel” to the video before you actually shoot the scenes.

If you must re-shoot scenes, do not be discouraged. The most experienced artists undergo this, too. You want your dance music video to be as polished as possible.

Video Upload

Your video can be broadcasted in many ways, the most popular of which is YouTube. Then you can relax and gnash your teeth while you wait for the hits to come. Or, you can make another one! Hollywood, here you come!

You will need to re-shoot scenes sometimes, as well. Do not be discouraged, as even the most famous of artists and directors undergo re-shoots to polish the feel of the video. Creating a cool dance music video should be a cinch if you’re a perfectionist.

Upload the Video

Your video can be shown in several ways, the most preferred of which is YouTube. Relax and wait for the hits. Or, create another one while waiting. Hollywood, here you come!

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