Grain Bins Keep Grain Dry In Oregon

byAlma Abell

Grain, such as wheat, rye, and barley, is what keeps the farming world turning. The nutritious little kernels keep cows, horses, and chickens fed. In cases where farmers have no animals, they can sell their product to other farmers and businesses for a profit. How do the farmers store all of that grain? The answer is that they store it in huge containers called grain bins. Grain bins can be located anywhere across the United States, including Grain Bins Oregon. Storing grain properly is important because it maintains its nutrition and can last for years. It is also the most valuable to a farmer as it fetches the most money in the open market. One popular type of grain bin is the silo. Silos are generally enormous structures that silhouette the sky in farm territory. Grain entering the silo is cleaned thoroughly to reduce the chances of bacteria ruining large amounts of crop. During the cleaning process, debris and chafe are removed from the grain. After this step, the grain is moved to a screen where it eventually sits to dry in an aerating system that keeps a constant air flow.


In areas with more moisture, like grain bins in Oregon area, farmers must be even more vigilant in the drying process to combat mold. Mold is a major concern to all farmers, and is most prevalent in wet weather. In these types of conditions, grain bins like silos need to be properly ventilated. Poorly ventilated silos will increase the chances of mold and bacteria ruining an entire harvest. Moldy grain also poses serious health risks for workers and farmers who have to breath in the sometimes toxic air. To %, and the cleaning process before the grain is stored is essential. If the grain has to sit outside for a period of time before entering the grain bin, farmers must be vigilant about keeping their product dry, secured from the rain, and off of the ground. In order to keep grain at peak condition, there is no substitute for a well-built grain bin and silo. A good silo, even in the extreme conditions of Oregon, will keep mold away and profits high.

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