Five Consumption Trends In Metal Windows And Doors Industry

By Himfr Tian

“80” after the consumption habits and the old generation with very different aesthetic from the initial planning of the decoration to choose home improvement company, to select the main material, door and window accessories, the final completion of renovation, “80” after they have their own unique ideas and steps, doors and windows there are only numbers gave them the clock to keep up their pace, pinpoint positioning for the product and eventually win the competition in the market. To sum up, grow, and “80” after consumption showed five major trends in windows and doors, windows and doors market, these trends will lead to profound changes in the new round.

Trend 1: bubble free forum to learn from “after 80” like bubble forum, not only can look at other people’s opinions, you can fully express their views, the network built a unique home. Decoration is no exception, no time limit before the young the decoration decoration owners will go to various forums, diving for some time to see other people’s decoration Collection, beware of being taken. Jump between the major forums, ultimately they must be able to find the decoration Collection they gathered the most comprehensive place – all kinds of doors and windows decoration industry forum on the website. In addition to users here in the pouring Tips From the decoration, there are business owners in good faith for the FAQ.

Home improvement forum has become a “80” after knowledge of the most important places for renovation, which is not difficult to understand why some businesses will not hesitate to human consumers in the forum for the devout to answering FAQ, and does not advertise with suspicion, only that to win with “80” after an opportunity to communicate to get their trust.


Trends: Self-penned knowledge on home improvement with initial awareness, “80” after the design of the home will have a strong desire, they will think their own thoughts, to design a unique window effect, the full realization of inner want to feel.

Network and major home improvement company, plans to provide the decoration effect of a “80” after obtaining a source of inspiration. Industry established a capacity over peak decoration decoration design case base of millions of consumers free access; Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd. 72-hyun launched independent home improvement design software, build 72-hyun windows network, and Beijing’s major home improvement company and store Joint promotion of self-decoration design; major home improvement company established design module, consumers can guide designers in the home improvement company, select the design style you want.

All the information on the market to educate consumers self-penned the inspiration, “80” after desire to build their own hands by the desire to be satisfied at home. In the “80” after the face, designers often become the role of technical support to help them solve the “incurable diseases.”

Many companies sell single-brand windows and doors are often taken as a whole display of product results, such as selling a sofa and create a model for the living room, the bed would sell a show the whole room, a bookcase will be sold to create a study, in face of such products, “after 80” will be better able to identify the feeling you want.

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