Female Biceps: How Female Bodybuilders Can Bulk Up

By Guido Nussbaum

Most experts claim that women can’t build big female biceps, and there is a particular grain of truth to that. Testosterone is what allows for huge bulky muscles in men, and the far majority of women can’t bulk up huge due to the lack of testosterone, which makes sense since that is a male hormone.

For most women who do strength training for toning and slimming purposes, this is great news. Most women can’t bulk up unless they follow a very specific high carb, high protein diet with supplements and an incredibly hard weight lifting regiment. Once again, for most women who want to look really good and not bulky, this is a really good thing. However for female bodybuilders, who aim to have impressive huge biceps, this is an unfortunate detail to deal with. Female bodybuilders who want great female biceps have to take on two obstacles to literally force biceps growth, but it is possible.

The first thing women who want bigger female biceps should do is to concentrate on cutting down the reps, and adding more weight to your weight lifting program. Training in the gym is definitely necessary as opposed to bodyweight training at home. The gym will have professional training equipment that provides better benefits for bulking up as opposed to just push ups and body weight exercises that can only do so much before become toning exercises.


Instead of doing sets of ten or twelve reps, up the weight as heavy as you can safely lift and do two to three types of bicep weight lifting exercises for big female biceps, and do 3 sets of 6-8 reps of each – no more! If you find this is too easy, then it’s time to increase the weight.

The second thing that women bodybuilders have to deal with in order to build up award winning female biceps is heavy protein supplements. There’s no way around this. Protein is required for building muscles, and since women are naturally at a disadvantage at building up female biceps because of the lack of testosterone. This can be overcome by using heavy protein supplements and increasing the weight of biceps exercises while decreasing the reps. This combination can be very effective in overcoming any natural disadvantages. Female biceps can be built up, but the heavy weight exercises and extra protein supplements are a necessary part of that.

Some female bodybuilders have been known to use hormones, but this is not a natural way of bodybuilding and like the use of steroids, can have harmful physiological effects. Hormones should not be used, especially when heavier weight training and major protein supplements are enough for female bodybuilders to get major female biceps that will hold up in any competition.

Train smartly, train safely, and let an appropriate diet and exercise regiment be your guide to building better female biceps, and you can not only accomplish your goals, but do it in a healthy way that you can be proud of.

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