Enjoy Great Movies With Dish Network Video On Demand This July}

Enjoy Great Movies with DISH Network Video on Demand This July



Are you looking for some cool fun this July? Well, there is great news for you. You can now have a wonderful time watching the best of satellite TV movies on DISH Network and that too in the cozy comfort of your living room along with your family and friends. The best part is that you can watch the movies as many time as you want within 24 hours! yes, we are talking about DISH Network video on demand.

You will get a number of refreshing movies with DISH Network video on demand this month. To receive the on demand content all you have to do is to place your order through phone, remote or via internet and connect a phone line with your DISH receiver. After that you will be able to enjoy the finest quality movie entertainment through DISH Network. Some of the movies are also available through DISH HD.

Let us take a quick look at the movies available with DISH Network movie on demand:-

Clash of the Titans- Perseus is a demi-god who was born of Zeus but raised as a man. Watch him as he leads a daring band of warriors to defeat Hades who plans to unleash hell on earth. The movie is also available on DISH HD.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians- The Lightning Thief – A teenage kid finds out that he is the successor of a Greek god and begins an adventure to finish a battle between the gods. Watch the movie on DISH HD.

The Bounty Hunter- An unsuccessful bounty hunter finds his dream job when he is hired to hunt down his ex-wife.

Brooklyn’s Finest- The story revolves around three Brooklyn cops who comes again to the same location after going through different career paths. A must watch for serious movie lovers.

The Losers- A U.S. Special Forces unit is sent into the jungle of Bolivia on a search and destroy mission. But there they face a lethal betrayal and decides to settle the score. A must watch for action movie lovers.

Repo Men- A futuristic thriller set in Toronto where the wounded veterans of a long war need transplants.

A Single Man- It is the story of an English professor in Los Angeles trying to cope with the sudden death of his partner. A great satellite TV movie indeed!

Greenberg- Greenberg finds himself attached his brother’s personal assistant while planning a fresh start.

The Runaways- It is a biopic about The Runaways, the teenage band of ’70s.

Kisses- Two Irish kids run away from home at Christmas. They spend a night full of magic and terror on the Dublin inner-city streets.

Accidents Happen- The DISH HD movie is a comic story of a family cursed with bad luck. Oscar nominee Geena Davis stars as Gloria Conway.

How to Make Love to a Woman- Miscommunication between the sheets Anyone?

Middle of Nowhere- An irresponsible mother who spends the college fund of her eldest daughter on the modeling campaign of her youngest daughter. A laugh is guaranteed!

Stacy’s Mom- This satellite TV movie is coming-of-age comedy where four adolescent buddies go banana over their friends mom.

Unthinkable- UNTHINKABLE is a fiery thriller about an interrogation specialist and a C.I.A. agent battling wits with a terrorist.

Interesting, arent they? So get ready to make every night a movie night with these DISH Network satellite TV movies, most of which are available in DISH HD mode.

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Enjoy Great Movies with DISH Network Video on Demand This July}