Energy Efficient Space Heaters Save On Heating Costs

By Kelley Wilson

The most energy efficient space heaters are radiant heaters. They are better for heating a room because they direct heat toward room occupants. This reduces the cost of heating an entire room.

This is a smart use of your energy budget, because, more than likely, you do not need the entirety of the room itself to be heated in order to feel comfortable.

There are many types of energy efficient space heaters that operate this way. Some run on electricity, while others run on some kind of gas like propane, natural gas, and kerosene. We recommend that you invest in an electric radiant heater.

They are the most affordable space heaters in the market. They are designed for portability, so you can move them from room to room as needed. Another benefit they offer is quiet operation. They do not make the noise that a fan or HVAC system makes.

The newest models are thermostat controlled, so once you set the temperature, you can leave the unit to run without having to constantly manipulate its controls.


Using it correctly and safely, along with changing your central heating thermostat, can produce significant savings on your winter heating costs. In fact, it is estimated that each year the average American spends just under 2,000.00 dollars on home energy.

Almost half of this goes to heating and cooling. If you set your thermostat 5 degrees lower, and if you combine it with an energy saving space heater, you can expect to lower your heating costs by 10 percent. You will also be helping Nature by eliminating 800 pounds of C02 emissions that go into our atmosphere each year.

As with all devices, energy efficient space heaters are safe provided they are properly matched to their environment, and provided they are properly operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The most recent models are marked with an Underwriters Laboratory UL label. This label indicates that all current safety features have been built into the unit’s design.

Do not buy any unit that does not have a thermostat control. Manual manipulation of the unit will fail to produce the expected energy savings. You will defeat the purpose of buying a power saving device if you do not invest the appropriate funds in a unit designed to modulate heating at an optimal level.

Check the packaging before you buy a heater. It will have a sizing table, which indicates the size of the room the heater is intended to be used in.

Energy efficient space heaters that are too large for a room will end up wasting energy. Heaters that are too small will also waste energy because you will overuse them to compensate for the cold.

Purchase an energy efficient space heater that has a tip over safety switch. This will shut the unit off if a child or pet accidentally knocks it over. Plug the unit directly into the wall outlet; not an extension cord. Make certain that your new heater stands on a level surface that minimizes the risk of tipover.

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