Friday, November 9, 2007

Thursday, November 8, two trade shows, named MEDIPHAR Taipei at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) and Taipei Audio Video Fair at the TWTC and The Grand Hotel, opened in Taipei, Taiwan. Some politicians and government officials chose these events as an opportunity to promote their parties and campaign-coalitions ahead of the 2008 Taiwan Presidential Elections.

From the incumbent Pan-Green Coalition, President of the Republic of China Chen Shui-bian, Premier of Republic of China Chang Chun-hsiung, and spokesman for the Executive Yuan Jung-tai Cho visited the two shows successively and were innundated by Taiwanese media. President Chen avoided answering questions on the hot topic of commodities prices, addressing only those about the medical industry development, overseen by Sheng-mao Hou, Minister of Health.

From the Pan-Blue Coalition, 2008 vice-presidential candidate, and former Premier, Vincent Siew participated the opening of the Taipei Audio Video Fair at The Grand Hotel. He criticized on the economy policy and remarked: “The ruling party [DPP] doesn’t have a good track record, and some industries weren’t be supported in timely manner so that they lost some opportunities. I sincerely hope the government can appropriately assist the audio and video industries in marketing good brands and products to the world.”

Also, current Democratic Progressive Party legislator Wang Shih-chien was invited to give a violin performance and sing a Taiwanese song. The events at the Taipei World Trade Center proved to be quite a platform for the candidates running in the 2008 Taiwan Presidential Elections.

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