Booming Commercial Printing Business

By Viojieley Gurrobat

Printing jobs if done correctly can be very rewarding but can entail a great deal of working hours and a great deal of knowledge and skill. Commercial printing is the industry that produces hundred of billions of print materials that are integral and important part of the daily activities of a business. When you need high quantity and quality color printing, perhaps turning to commercial printing is a good idea. With the continuous demands of printers for high quality, distinctive outputs, not to mention the never ending rise of color printing technologies, commercial color printing has become a flourishing business today.

Some say that commercial printing has put the fun back in their businesses. It allows for endless possibilities when it comes to design, product and printing processes. Nevertheless, commercial printing has brought a lot of challenges. But these challenges can be easily avoided with proper knowledge and information about commercial printing.


As a printer, avoiding these problems can be done by considering the following tips. First off, know what your customers really want. Make sure that you understand what they expect from their materials. Keep in mind that oftentimes customers have unrealistic expectations for their commercial printing projects. Ensure that the quality that they want matches the amount they are willing to pay. Question your customers about their expectations before the project begins to prevent unnecessary hitch.

Second, have proofreaders available always. Printers say that mistakes on commercial printing jobs often happen because customers don’t check their materials carefully before signing them off. When you have proofreaders at hand, you can prevent these problems and win the confidence of your customers.

Lastly, discrepancies in file formats often happen when customers supply text and graphics on disk. To avoid this problem you can create information sheets for your customers to fill out before submitting the disk for printing.

On the other hand, if you are a customer make sure that before you submit your material for printing that you have talked with the commercial printing company and have come with an agreement with them. Make sure that they understand what you want and constantly talk with them throughout the course of the print job.

The online marketplace is a good place to search for commercial printing companies. Make sure though that you familiarize yourself with the services they offer as well as their prices before you avail of any service. When you have done this you will feel more confident in the company that you choose.

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