8 Ways To Speed Up Airport Security}

8 Ways to Speed Up Airport Security


Paul WilsonPolitical turmoil and terrorist activities have resulted in tightening of airport security. If you are unaware of rules and regulations you could be detained or delayed inordinately while passing through security checks before boarding the plane.

Here are a few insights:

1.Never pack any banned items in your carry on luggage. Ensure that the luggage is of the right size and weight as outlined by airline regulations.


2.Before you walk through the metal detector empty your pockets and place all items like coins, jewelry, hair clips, tie clips, watches, belts and buckles into the outer pocket for your carry on luggage so that it moves through the x-ray machine and does not cause a din when you walk through.

3.Wear sensible shoes with low heels, slip on shoes are preferable. If you are asked to remove the shoes do so with grace try avoid shoes which have a metal heel arch.

4.Be prepared to switch on your mobile, i-pod, laptop, PDA and so on if asked. Keep them all together. Be sure to switch all electronics off before take off and during landing.

5.As soon as you enter the security area place the lap top and other carry ons on the conveyor belt for checking by x-ray. Ensure that all baggage including your purse has the appropriate tags.

6.Keep a valid photo ID ready along with the boarding pass. If you like you can have a travel wallet with an ID window on one side and a pocket for the boarding pass and luggage stubs on the other.

7.Never carry any banned items. Buy what you need at your destination.

8.Don’t lock your checked bags. Often, if the x-ray shows anything odd you may need to open the bag for inspection. Once it is through security you may lock the luggage.

If you keep updated on laws of the land or check with your travel agent or airline a few days before departure you will be quite prepared and will few problems. In case you are nervous about leaving your car in the lot until you return consider going to the airport by cab. Alternately ask a friend to drop you off. If you are being dropped then you can drive right up to the terminal and save yourself a long walk carrying your luggage. If you dress neatly, walk with self confidence, answer questions by security staff or airline employees with confidence and without hesitation there should really be no problem whatsoever. As a precaution try not to strike up any friendships with men or women you don’t know. If you need to while away any time buy a book or magazine or window shop at the airport. Always eat a light meal before leaving for the airport, wear comfortable clothes and carry with you a jacket or coat in case it gets cold. Give comfort priority over style.

If you are sensible and practical your flight will be enjoyable and passage through airports without problems.

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