5 Fascinating Argan Oil Facts

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5 amazing facts that you should know about Argan oil are that it is obtained from the seeds of the rare Argan tree, it has numerous health and beautifying effects, the manual procedure of producing Argan oil is laborious, mechanical presses are now used to produce the oil more efficiently, and Argan oil provides Berber women a sustainable means of livelihood.

In the beauty and health industry, Agran oil is quickly carving a niche. Argan oil has a great many benefits such that some call it a miracle treatment. Knowing these amazing facts about Argan oil will give you a better understanding of just how wonderful it really is:

Seeds from the rare Argan tree are the source of this ingredient

A native Moroccan tree bearing the same name is the source of Argan oil. Because of heavy exploitation, Argan trees have dwindled to less than 50% over the last century. The trees are now considered endangered and are a part of the World Heritage List. There are several suppliers that work with Moroccan cooperatives to preserve Argan trees and insure that the oils are extracted in a way that is safe for the environment.


There are many benefits of Argan oil for both health and beauty

Oleic acid helps control cholesterol and can be found in Argan oil. The monosaturated fat content of this natural oil is great for lowering bad cholesterol. Along with its dietary advantages for health, it is a beauty ingredient as well. Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant which is well known for combating the aging process, is found abundantly in Argan oil.

Extracting Argan oil by hand is a labor-intensive process

Argan oil is produced in accordance with a tradition started by Berber females, and takes a lot of time and work to complete. Remove the nuts from the fruits to begin with. The kernels are then collected by cracking the nuts’ shells which is the most time-consuming step in the process. The collected kernels are subsequently roasted using mild heat. Next they are left to cool, ground in a quern made out of stone and blended with water into a dough. The cost of Argan oil is pricey because of the meticulous way of producing it coupled with its numerous benefits.

For efficiency reasons, mechanical presses are now more widely used

They have integrated mechanical presses into the production of Argan oil. Argan oil can be extracted efficiently with these techniques. Kernels are ground and extracted by using a mechanical press after roasting them. Since the oil is not blended with water today, it may be stored for a longer period. Despite improvements in the production process of Argan oil, the most time consuming procedure,the cracking of the nuts, is still completed by hand.

Berber women are able to make a living because of Argan oil

Other than the personal benefits that Argan oil has to offer, consumers of this product will be glad to know that it also gives social benefits to the women who produce it. In a country where equal rights are not yet fully established, the Argan oil gives the Berber woman a sustainable livelihood and an opportunity to earn fair wages. Making sure that oil products produced by Agran oil and it’s production techniques are sustainable, these Berber women are responsible for forming a co-op.

Argan oil’s various benefits make it a wonderful addition for everybody’s beauty and health care routine.

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